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GAMA LOBO XAVIER, LUIS TEIXEIRA E MELO E ASSOCIADOS, S.P., R.L. NIPC: 502 207 981 Avenida General Humberto Delgado, n.º 181, 4800-158, Guimarães Telephone: 253421600 – Fax: 253413086.

All references to GLX LTM made in these terms and conditions are understood to be made for GAMA LOBO XAVIER, LUIS TEIXEIRA E MELO E ASSOCIADOS, S.P., R.L.


The present terms and conditions regulate the use of the website www.gamalobomelo.com.

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To the GLX LTM reserves the right to make any corrections and changes to its website, including the terms and conditions of use, without the need for any prior notice.


The www.gamalobomelo.com website contains information of a general nature, even if covered by a legal character.

The information provided, even with legal nature, is not intended to provide any legal advice for a specific situation.

Whenever the user needs legal support, should contact a lawyer.


The www.gamalobomelo.com website pursues essentially informative purposes, giving notice to our society and our professionals, their areas of practice and activity. It can, therefore, be freely navigated by users, without the need for any prior registration or access to reserved areas. However, and according to user options, simply browsing our website may be subject to the collection of cookies.

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In addition to the essentially informative purposes, the www.gamalobomelo.com website has other functionalities, namely:

– Submission of internship applications;

GLX LTM annually admits a variable number of recent law graduates.

The respective application must be sent through this specific feature of our website, preferably between the months of March and July, so that the integration can take place in September.

– Subscription of newsletters;

GLX LTM provides, free of charge, regular and periodic provision of legal information, known as a newsletter. Users wishing to receive the GLX LTM newsletter must provide their email through this specific feature of our website.

At any time, the user may stop receiving the GLXLTM Newsletters by clicking here. At the same time, all the Newsletters received give the user the possibility to opt to give up of receiving future newsletters.

– Access to the reserved area for consultation of procedural acts;

The reserved area allows the user to consult procedural acts that are previously made available by GLX LTM.

The access to the reserved area always depends on prior registration with our Administrative Services in order to grant the user their username and access password, data that is considered personal and non-transferable.

The provision of procedural acts in the user’s reserved area does not constitute the practice of any legal advice; The procedural acts contained in the reserved area may not correspond to the last procedural act performed.

GLX LTM reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to discontinue this functionality of the www.gamalobomelo.com website.

– Contact forms;

When browsing our website, the user may request contact from one of our professionals through this specific functionality of our website.

The use of the specific functionalities of the www.gamalobomelo.com website will require the collection of personal data from users.

If you wish to obtain more information, consult our privacy policy.


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Users will be able to read and copy the information made available on the gamalobomelo.com website for their personal use.

The User also has the right to, sporadically and free of charge, use extracts of the information provided here, transferring it to third parties, who make personal use of it with the condition of GLXLTM being referenced as the source of the information, the text does not suffer any alteration and the third-party recipients are alerted to these conditions of use.

Any other use or copy of the content of this Site, made directly or through retransmission, without prior written authorization from GLXLTM is expressly prohibited.


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a) GLXLTM has procedures of a technical and organizational nature with the aim of preventing security breaches and undue access to data, as well as the respective destruction or illicit use.

b) Despite all efforts, it is impossible to guarantee the full and absolute inviolability of the information received, considering the insecure nature of open networks, such as the Internet.

c) GLXLTM is not responsible for damages resulting from viruses that may infect the User’s computer or network, or other assets, due to access to our website with the transfer of contents from it to the User’s computer or network.



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