Privacy, Personal data protection and RGPD, Digital and Compliance


Over the last few years, a series of new legal obligations has been introduced within the business community, which determine the need for companies to act preventively in various areas of high social and/or economic importance, through duly documented action programs.

This trend, primarily originating from the European Union, began to spread to all companies, regardless of their nature, size or turnover, with the publication of the General Regulation on Data Protection (GDPR), which was followed by the publication of legislation relating to corporate obligations in combating and preventing money laundering: the General Regime for the Prevention of Corruption and the General Regime for the Protection of Whistleblowers, commonly known as Whistleblowing. In turn, the areas of information technology, e-commerce and cybersecurity are increasingly common to all organizations, constituting an activity sector of global dimension, in permanent digital and legal mutation.

These areas, which are treated differently, require uniform and concerted solutions from a multidisciplinary team that acts preventively and ensures not only the creation of privacy policies, impact assessments, compliance audits and terms and conditions, but also the preparation of compliance programs capable of mitigating risks and that act, equally and most of the time, in the effective representation of their clients in administrative, labor, and civil proceedings.