Corporate, Comercial and M&A


The monitoring of companies, in the various stages of their activity, has always been a preferred area of our office, based on advisory services, both in the most traditional economic sectors and characteristic of the business fabric of the north of the country, such as textiles, clothing, cork, footwear or Metal mechanics, as in other sectors as varied as food, distribution, energy, etc.

To this extent, we support customers of different sizes and from all sectors, not only from a daily monitoring perspective of the current acts of the companies life, as in various corporate transactions (mergers, demergers, purchases and sales, establishments transfers, among others), which allows us to provide a comprehensive and permanent monitoring and advisory service, which translates both into the drafting of the necessary contractual instruments, as well as into an activity to verify the assets to be transfixed, through the execution of the corresponding due diligence processes of legal scope.