Civil Law


Civil law is a branch of private law, whose presence is permanent in our daily lives, which naturally translates into a high rate of conflict and litigation. GLX LTM has extensive experience and tradition in this area of ​​law and its primary objective is to resolve these conflicts/disputes quickly and effectively, whether through extrajudicial or judicial means.

Indeed, the private life of families, in addition to giving place to happy moments, as it happens with marriages, is the generator of multiple situations involving tension and conflict, highlighting divorces and issues related to minors, processes in which our company has extensive experience, whether in terms of “friendly” resolutions or in terms of legal disputes.

On the other hand, we have great tradition in dealing with processes related to personal assets, both in inventory processes due to death or divorce (in which we follow the sharing processes, in and out of court) and in processes related to urban and rural renting (whether in the preparation of renting contracts, or in their termination and consequent eviction).

We also have extensive experience in terms of construction works (both in the preparation of the contracts and in monitoring actions for defects), road accidents and issues related to property (with special emphasis on actions for recognition of ownership and easements).