Cookies policy

Cookies policy
The website uses small information files that are stored on your internet access device, through your browser. These files are called cookies or testimonials connection.
These files collect and store data regarding your browsing, aiming to improve your browsing experience.
There are different types of cookies, some more intrusive than others, as they collect more or less information, disseminate it to more or less recipients and are more or less persistent, taking into account the time spent in the user’s terminal.
On the website, the following cookies are used:

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All these cookies are unique and serve, in short, to improve the functionality of our website, adapting them to your usage preferences and therefore improving your browsing experience.

Once again, you can choose to disable these cookies, or just some of them, by clicking on “decline” in the bar available at the bottom of the page.
However, please be aware that this may affect the way you interact with our website and may even eventually prevent you from logging into certain programs, websites or forums on our and other networks.