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GLXLTM and Associates was founded in Guimaraes (Portugal), on May the 2nd 1989 by Gama Lobo Xavier and Luis Teixeira e Melo and it was then named, Gama Lobo Xavier and Luis Teixeira e Melo - Law Firm.
Its genesis embodies a long and deep professional and personal relationship between the two founding members, beginning in the second half of the Seventies, which extended and deepened to direct descendents and gradually, but firmly, opened to new partners and associates.
Currently the Law Firm has as partners: Luis Teixeira e Melo, Gonçalo Gama Lobo, LuisFilipe Teixeira e Melo, Rui Teixeira e Melo, Hugo Costa e Silva, Maria Emília Meira, Margarida Machado, José Pinto de Almeida and Mónica Moreira Soares. As associates Marta S. Pereira, José Carlos Campos, Manuel Maria Machado, Catarina Azevedo Fernandes and Vânia Pereira Fernandes. As consultants: Gama Lobo Xavier and Júlia Berkeley Cotter.
The Firm has four administrative clerks and seven trainee lawyers.


The growth of GLXLTM is guided by an ever demanding ethical conduct and procedures to meet the expectations of our clients and the quest for technical and scientific expertise of partners and collaborators.
In 2007 GLXLTM started the implementation of a quality system management under the "provision of law" according to NP EN ISO 9001:2000, and in December 2008 the system was recognized and certified by SGS - ICS - Certification PT08/02621.
At the moment the firm is certified, now according to standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015.
The firm is committed to improve our legal and paralegal services aimed at client satisfaction by ensuring the rights, freedoms and guarantees, the client's confidentiality and secrecy, the proper enforcement and administration of Justice, integrity, independence, respect for provisions of the Statute of the Bar Association and loyalty to the judiciary community.

Consulte aqui o comprovativo do nosso Certificado PT08/02621
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